When Safety Counts

"...when safety counts"

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Pool Safety Tips

Big splashPool safety is a critical issue that no-one can afford to ignore.

Reasons for installing an Abacus Pool Fence as a safety barrier around your pool or spa:

  • Prevent injury on the work site during the construction period
  • Prevent drowning during and after the pool in constructed
  • Comply with your legal obligations

Once a pool being dug reaches 1000 mm in depth, a safety barrier is required by law to be provided around the pool.

Pool Safety Tips

Ideally this would be in the form of a pool fence, fitted with a gate and a self-locking/self-latching device positioned at least 1.5m high. Gate barriers are also required to swing outwards.

Objects that may be used for climbing must be kept at least a 1.2m radius away from the pool or spa fence. The objects may include:

  • pool equipment,
  • outdoor furniture,
  • pot plants,
  • trees,
  • ladders,
  • retaining walls, etc.

Failure to meet the Building Regulations could mean a large fine by your local Council.

Pool Fence Hire – The Simple & Easy Solution

Abacus Pool Fence Hire are your simple and easy solution to ensuring safety and compliance with the law.

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